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Re: The Life And Scandalous Times Of John Nathan-Turner

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I'm a fan of the later McCoy era too, but I think that owes more to Andrew Cartmel than JNT
Well, JNT hired Cartmel and cast McCoy and Aldred.

(I'm with RTD in calling Colin Baker's coat “the greatest mistake in the history of television”)
That would be Voyage of the Damned.
I think you need to watch more TV

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Or JNT could have kept his dick in his pants when he was at work. Or is that too radical an idea?
John Barrowman could have too.
Oh, come on. Assuming you're referring to that radio interview where Barrowman pulled his pants down in front of the web cam, he was being egged on by the hosts. Yes, he's a grown adult capable of making his own choices, but let's be honest. Barrowman is an attention-seeker, and he certainly got attention there. Personally, I think everyone overreacted to that one.

To my knowledge there is no evidence that John Barrowman has ever acted inappropriately, sexually or otherwise.
Yeah, the trouble is people start lumping varuious acts together and before you know if disquieting rumours start. Barrowman will, apparenly, get his willy out at the drop of a hat, but like you say that's very different to anything predatory, juvinile, yes, but that's about it.
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