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Re: Did You Love Other Vintage Sci-Fi Shows?

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Roddenberry wanted Questor to get a girl in the movie, because as an android, "...he could do what he wanted, as often as he wanted, probably for as long as he wanted." Apparently the network said no.
So did Roddenberry get his last laugh with TNG: The Naked Now?

I'm only half-joking. From

In 2006, [D.C. Fontana] gave an interview to Star Trek Monthly in which she talked about writing for three Star Trek series. She notes how unhappy she was with the way Gene Roddenberry re-wrote the episodes they wrote together. She used the pseudonym "J. Michael Bingham" for "The Naked Now", as she was especially unhappy with the episode.
Does anybody know who was responsible for the Tasha and Data subplot in that episode?
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