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Re: Did You Love Other Vintage Sci-Fi Shows?

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Don't forget Mariette Hartley's dual navels.
I won't!

Gene Roddenberry had an extremely well-deserved reputation as a sex maniac (the term Alexander Courage used for him), and I think it's notable that all of GR's productions were infused with sexual themes, to the extent he could get them in without pushback from above. Just look at Susan Oliver's scenes as a woman of color in "The Cage." Hot, hot, hot.

Then came his made-for-TV movies. GENESIS II and PLANET EARTH both have sexualized S&M themes (Hartley's totalitarian regime disciplines their slaves with little cattle prods, Dylan is auctioned as a slave to the very cruel and dominant "Women of Ruth"...).

At a cocktail party (if I recall) in THE QUESTOR TAPES, the first thing Questor notices is that "The males appear to be fixated on the epidermal portions of the females."

Roddenberry wanted Questor to get a girl in the movie, because as an android, "...he could do what he wanted, as often as he wanted, probably for as long as he wanted." Apparently the network said no.

SPECTRE had a lot of sexy stuff going on, especially for that era of TV.

This is not even to mention his non-sci-fi film, PRETTY MAIDS ALL IN A ROW, where sex was the whole point.

I guess you'd have to say Irwin Allen was just the opposite.
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