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Re: Convention Circuit - Least Favorite Person Associated With Trek?

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Frontier - that's awesome. At the risk of getting off topic, have you met any other nu-BSG folks?
Personally, I've only met Olmos and Kat from nuBSG.

But my friend Bill met Michael Hogan (nice, friendly) Sam Witwer and Dean Stockwell (Stockwell was apparently not pleasant in the least... :S)

I'd love to meet more nuBSG folk. Love to meet more anyone. Sadly my health (heart condition) keeps me from going to cons anymore. I'm lucky to have a good friend who goes though, and he helps me keep collecting autographs. Still... I'd love to have met a lot of them I haven't. The first ever 5 captains convention was right here, Philly, last summer and I couldn't go.
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