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Re: The original plan for Countdown

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Maybe it's just me, but that guy seems to overestimate the importance of the game. Why should the novels be prohibited from killing a minor canon character only because the actress playing her seems to be the only one desperate enough for money/attention to be used as a marketing tool for a semi-successful MMORPG that will probably be dead in a couple of years?
1. Do we know that it won't be around in a couple of years? Are we any more sure that the novels will still be around? And what's wrong with a TNG actor being engaged with the universe (I write, living in a city that just hosted the entire crew at Comicon)? We can be generous, I think, towards the game and the actor.

2. Much probably depends on the art with which something is achieved. I've argued before that Sela was Spock's dark twin, a talented being of mixed human-Vulcanoid heritage who had to resolve issues around this parentage without her mother in a much more xenophobic society. Sela ultimately died because she couldn't resolve these issues, and did so ultimately because some of the nobler qualities of the Romulans came to prevail through Kamemor. Her death was actually a bit of a sad one, testament to the ability of a great writer like George to arouse sympathy for characters which had been portrayed as villains. Had he hadn't been so good in setting things up, I wonder if CBS might have had something different to say.
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