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Re: The only unknown actor from TOS...

So what about this female Scalosian, was she an extra or was hers really a non-speaking part?

Consider Compton's death scene, transcribed by
Wink of an Eye wrote:
[Environmental Engineering]

(Two Scalosian males are there.)
RAEL: Stun.
(Kirk falls gently to the floor. Compton enters and attacks the man with the weapon. He is knocked down for his loyalty.)
RAEL: You were ordered to stop him. Why did you disobey?
COMPTON: I tried to stop him. You hurt him.
RAEL: He was violent. He had to be subdued.
COMPTON: He was my captain.
EKOR: Cell damage.
RAEL: (to a young woman) Another will be secured for you.
TrekCore images of those moments are at

This female Scalosian moves forward out of concern for having lost Compton, and she is then directly addressed by Rael. So, extra or non-speaking part?
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