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Re: Lonely Planet - Top 10 Cities

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You'll love AT&T Park. Perfect for baseball (except for the garish Coke bottle).
Yeah, I am very excited about going there. AT&T Park and Dodger Stadium are the ones I'm most looking forward to on this tour.
Are you doing a ballpark tour? I think I heard something last year about a group of friends that did a summer tour of all the ballparks. Sounded like a lot of fun (if a bit expensive).

Growing up in Chicago (and a Cubs fan) I've been to Wrigley Field more times than I can remember. Been to both old and new Comiskey Park as well.

Last year, while in Baltimore for a concert fest I went to two games at Camden Yards. A great ballpark for sure and I had a lot of fun. Surprisingly its the only other professional park I've been to outside of Chicago (Driven outside of Kaufman and Busch, but never been inside them). I'm hoping if I get stationed in D.C. like I want to next year I'll get to see the Cubs play the Nats in their stadium and probably catch some more Os games at Camden Yards.

Have fun!
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