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That was, without a doubt, the very best DLC for the entire series. Hell, I'd say it's some of the very best content of the entire series and serves as a perfectly wonderful tribute to all these characters we've grown to love. Sooo, so much humor, callbacks, some hard fights and a fun lighthearted mission. And the Lancer is absolutely my favorite gun now.

But the highlight, of course, was all the character work and all the brilliant little moments that are too numerous to mention.

I've only done it with one character so far, a Shep/Miranda playthrough and considering how little she got to figure in the rest of the game I was especially touched by her scenes.

Hard to try and pick a funniest one, but I might have laughed out loud the most for Grunt's birthday party. And Jaavik the movie star. Kasumi's random appearances throughout the party were a hoot too. Oh, and Traynor/EDI? I. died.

Most touching (aside from the romance scenes) would probably have to be either Liara's piano or Mordin's datapad. Hilarious and then "Will stick to patter songs from now on." Or maybe Thane's memorial, I got a bit choked up there too. And you gotta love Jack's continued growth.

So many wonderful moments! Really, there's almost nothing I have complaints about.
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