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Re: Seeking help identifying an TOS autograph

Ataraxie wrote: View Post

I found note with StarTrek signatures in a book, a german first edition of TOS.

I'm puzzled about one of the signatures. I this the correct place zu ask for help?

The autographs where inside an evelope dated 1973.

It is the topmost autograph I cannot match.
All others have been easy guesses:

Lt. Cmdr. Montgomery Scott (James Doohan) - "Scotty"
Lt. Cmdr. Dr. Leonard McCoy (DeForest Kelley) - "Bones" / "Pille" (in German)
Lt. Hikaru Sulu (George Takei)
Christine Chapel / Lwaxana Troi / Number One (Majel Barrett Roddenberry)

Over here in Germany some people suggested the first autgraph to be from William Shatner / Kirk, but I do have some doubts about that guess.

I apologize, if this is the wrong place to ask such an question.
In that case I would appreciate any hint to a better place to search for help, though.

Top one is William Shatner. I'm certain. And your guesses are right for the rest.

All appear legit to me.
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