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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

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If any of you had to guess, who will be the next prison character to say bye-bye this season?
Beth is the first one that comes to mind.

Am I the only one that wants the group's current Comics Universe adversary to appear in Season NEVER?
Unfortunately I agree - along with
. But I really hope that doesn't happen, cause it'd be cheap and I'd like to see a little more development from her.

After Beth I'd have to say Herschel, then Carol (who could actually take Beth's place in the scenario above). Merle and Andrea both I could see not making it, but I think Andrea's safer since she's been such a major character this season. I'm assuming based on next week's preview that Tyrese and Sasha are coming back in the picture, so... dude and his son, whatever their names were... are probably goners.

I'm behind on the comics - last I read

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Yes, you've already made clear you're dodging the problems, unthinking mind-numb robot. Go away now and let some thinking-fans have a go around here.
I'm laughing at the superior intellect.
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