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Re: The Dominion Triumphant: A Star Trek Dystopia

Interlude Two—Historical Documents of Interest, Part I

United Earth Instrument of Surrender, Stardate 54170 (July 2, 2377)

We, acting by command of and on behalf of the Prime Minister of United Earth, the United Earth Government, and the United Earth Defense Command, hereby accept the provisions in the Bajor Declaration issued by the heads of the Government of the Dominion on Stardate 51258.

We hereby proclaim the unconditional surrender to the Dominion of the United Earth Defense Forces, all United Federation of Planets Starfleet vessels currently in United Earth Space, the United Earth Defense Command, Starfleet Command and all associated installations in United Earth Space, and of all United Earth Armed Forces and all Armed Forces under United Earth control wherever situated.

We hereby command all Terran forces wherever situated and the Terran people to cease hostilities forthwith, to preserve and save from damage all starships, civilian spacecraft, and military and civil property, and to comply with all requirements which may be imposed by the Supreme Commander for the Dominion or by agencies of the United Earth Government at his direction.

We hereby command the United Earth Defense Command and Starfleet Command to issue at once orders to the commanders of all United Earth and Starfleet forces and all forces under United Earth and Starfleet control wherever situated in United Earth Space to surrender unconditionally themselves and all forces under their control.

We hereby command all civil and military officials to obey and enforce all proclamations, orders, and directives deemed by the Supreme Commander for the Dominion to be proper to effectuate this surrender and issued by him or under his authority; and we direct all such officials to remain at their posts and to continue to perform their non-combatant duties unless specifically relieved by him or under his authority.

We hereby undertake for the Prime Minister, the United Earth Government, and their successors to carry out the provisions of the Bajor Declaration in good faith, and to issue whatever orders and take whatever action may be required by the Supreme Commander for the Dominion or by any other designated representative of the Dominion for the purpose of giving effect to that declaration.

We hereby command the United Earth Government and the United Earth Defense Command to liberate all all Dominion Prisoners of War and civilian internees now under United Earth control and to provide for their protection, care, maintenance, and immediate transportation to places as directed.

The authority of the Prime Minister and the United Earth Government to rule the State shall be subject to the Supreme Commander for the Dominion, who will take such steps as he deems proper to effectuate these terms of surrender.


Abigail Black, Prime Minister, United Earth
By Command and in behalf of the Government of United Earth

Maxwell Riley
By Command in behalf of the United Earth Defense Command


Legate Skrain Dukat
Supreme Commander, Dominion Alpha Fleet Three

Dominion Representative

High Commander Tomalak
Romulan Republic Representative

Thot Pran
Breen Confederacy Representative

DaiMon Yok
Ferengi Alliance Representative

Colonel U’Loy
Coalition of Neutral Worlds Representative
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