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Re: VOY Caption Contest 105; An Ill-fated Venture...

Cavit: I like the cut of your jib, Ensign. You'll be making Commander in no time.

Janeway: Note to self, teach the crew a lesson about who gives the promotions around here.

Neelix: Car?
Tuvok: Negative.
Neelix: Motorscooters?
Tuvok: No.
Neelix: Electric bicycles?
Tuvok: No.
Neelix: Segways?
Tuvok: Negative.
Neelix: Pogo stick?
Tuvok: No.
Neelix: I guess there's no point in asking you to give me a piggy back ride?
Tuvok: I already renounce logic to hate him.

Janeway: I'm looking for a coffee mug about yay wide. Preferably with a wide rim, and handles on the side. It's got to be able to take extreme heat, and make it a pleasing symmetrical shape so it looks the same from every angle.

Torres: And why not add the ability to cook the coffee beans right in it?

Janeway: Yes! Can you do that for me?

Torres: Sure. You want a coffee wok.

Janeway: Hello Chief Engineer.

Neelix: I said I was a scavenger, but I forgot to mention it was the teeth-cleaning kind.

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