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Re: I need your thoughts on the dark side of technology

Halogen wrote: View Post
Sure, it is society that controls technology. For now. And we knew what i meant.

But even so I hear a lot of arguments from the intellectual elite about society this, society that, and even more analyses of the problem, with few commitments to change anything for anyone.
I can tell this discussion is going to be a problem, if you're going to use loaded terms like "intellectual elite". Is thinking the dark decline of humanity now?

How are we expected to take you seriously if educated discourse is a bad thing?

Halogen wrote: View Post
On the one hand they opine about the plight of the 99%, and yet forget to mention their ability to create labor saving technologies, and rearrange the structures of governments and organizations to benefit themselves and their kin and no one else, is how they got to the 1% in the first place. Rich conservatives (economic vs intellectual elite) are even worse because they just go on about hard work, when they know GD well that work has nothing to do with it.
Your issue is with society, not technology. You're confused.

Halogen wrote: View Post
So, really how pointless is it to say "technology can be good or bad, society decides" when all around you society is deciding the wrong thing?
According to you. That is to say, its your opinion.

Halogen wrote: View Post
Meanwhile a convenient vortex called the Internet has risen up to distract the humble masses with pictures of cats:

That article says close to 90% of people think the world will be worse for their children. Isn't that, like, a recipe for revolution?
And yeah, according to you again. The New Yorker isn't an empirical source. Citation needed. Lrn 2 science.

Halogen wrote: View Post
Look, you hear all the time about people who were "inspired to achieve" by Trek. About Whoopi Goldberg seeing uhura, or the poor boy who decided he wanted to become an engineer after seeing La Forge. But don't forget that (per JJ) Trek is about MORALITY THROUGH technology for the good of all mankind, not just to "empower" individuals to be the best they can be. If you do the latter without the former, I fear you start steering society toward someplace like today.

I really hope trek fans don't forget that.
Thanks, I really could use more ill-informed didactic speeches from self-righteous internet crusaders. Go on. Thrill me.
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