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Re: Would it really matter if the next Trek series were on linear TV?

I saw that Deadline article, interesting...I thought House of Cards was a pricey outlier but I guess not (unless you count Fincher blowing the budget).

And cable is a supreme ripoff! Greedy sports franchises are pushing the rates thru the roof and I see no end in sight. Cut the cord now.

$8/month is a lot cheaper than any cable package you could get.
Due to Netflix's crappy streaming library, I added 2X DVD and that still comes out to just $20/month. Cable was over $100 when I finally kicked it to the curb. I basically get everything - every movie, TV series and documentary I can think to add to my queue. More than I can ever hope to watch, really.

Of course, Netflix needs to be convinced a new Star Trek series would drive subscriptions.
Other than a Star Wars series, I can't think of anything that would do a better job of driving subscriptions. What they need is a "unicorn" series, something that is unlike everything else so that you can't just say, "I won't bother with that, I'll watch this other thing instead, it's just as good."

House of Cards may have been popular but wasn't a unicorn. There are other fine series like it on TV now that have some combination of its chief elements -strong acting and characterization, intrigue, complex plotting, an antihero lead character.

But if you want Star Trek, what else can you substitute? Nothing, certainly nothing on TV now. If there was such a thing as a live action Star Wars series, that might be close. I could see Netflix getting one and then Amazon countering by getting the other, that would be hilarious.
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