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How much did it hurt to get such a large and elaborate tattoo? I must confess I'm pretty squeamish about such things.
I'm not going to lie or act tough. It was really fucking painful. Not the worst pain I've ever experienced, but it did hurt a lot. There was a point about a half hour in when the adrenaline had kicked in and it didn't really hurt, but the entire third hour was a bitch.

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^I'm very happy with it! Man, it really fucking hurt, though! I have three other tats, and I'm not a wimp, but this hurt more than the other three combined. I guess just the size of it and being on the spine -- but, dayum!
What are the locations of the other ones? I know you have something on your arm, right?

I think pain is a huge reason I'd never get a tattoo. Plus I can only think of one sort of vague idea of what I'd want to get.
I have one on my shoulder in the front, sort of under my collar bone, one on my upper arm, and one on my inner arm. It was definitely just the placement and size, because the others weren't nearly as painful. Most of the time it feels like a cat-scratch, really nothing more. There's a point about 2 hours in when your body runs out of endorphins, though, and it burns something fierce. I honestly don't think I'll get another near my spine! But I'm not deterred from getting the half-sleeve I've always wanted.

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