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Re: The Life And Scandalous Times Of John Nathan-Turner

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JNT and RTD both appointed Doctors (rather than audition) cast a former child star/singer as companion, and saw the advantage of stunt casting guest roles. It's weird how it all worked for the later.
The difference being that RTD is a writer while JNT was a mere bean counter. IMO JNT should've left when Peter Davison left after that he really had no vision for the show and he did try to leave.
In the review for the book it mentions the hatred a higher up (Powell?) had for the show and JNT - wonder if the not letting him leave was a screw you to both.

That being said unless there was some iron clad contract, I don't see what would have up and stopped John Nathan-Turner simply up and walking out the door when he'd had enough.
Unless JNT left the BBC or got fired he was bound by them to do whatever show they wanted him to work on.
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