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Re: La-La Land Records to release 4-disc DS9 soundtrack set!

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TV composing seems as if its a bit of a younger mans genre as opposed to the film medium.
If so, that doesn't explain why they've done little or no film scoring in the past 8 years. McCarthy has done several feature film scores in the past, though aside from Generations and the '97 McHale's Navy, they were mainly small independent or direct-to-video films. Well, I guess things haven't changed that much for him filmwise. But Chattaway did plenty of film work before Trek and nothing since.
I doubt the "sonic wallpaper" has anything to do with it. Especially because despite that often used term Trek music was far more dynamic than a lot of scoring on TV at the time. Plus the use of a live orchestra for TV was almost unheard of during the 90's and early 00's.

Typecast as Trek composers may have something to do with it. Almost 20 years of doing the same thing will typecast anyone that's for sure.

Chattaway befriended a few directors in the 80's, notably William Lustig, Larry Cohen and Joseph Zito. He was mostly called upon to do their movies. They tended to be either B-Movie action flicks or genre horror movies. His best non-trek work that I've found is the PBS documentary "Space Age." It's almost entirely electronic. Some of the electronic work resembles what was to come with his Enterprise scores.

I am trying to look up another interview with Chattaway I had found that was done around 2010. He mentioned scoring an action series that was shot in the middle east by director Joseph Zito post 2005 and some of his other projects.
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