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Re: No Fear of Death?

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Kobiashi Maru is a test that's also as we all know a fear in the face of death
The people being tested knew they were in a simulator.
Quite. That, along with the essential meaninglessness of a "no-win scenario" (in Treklit, haven't there been cadets who have beaten it without cheating?) makes the value of the test questionable at best.
Spock does a poor job of articulating his position.

The purpose is to experience fear. Fear in the face of certain death. To accept that fear, and maintain control of oneself and one's crew. This is a quality expected in every Starfleet captain.
Obviously, the simulator room isnít very frightening. What is frightening is Balok telling you that you have ten Earth time periods known as minutes to prepare for your destruction. Thatís when you think back to your training in the simulator room and focus on your duties in this real no-win scenario the same way you did in that simulated no-win scenario. Based on Kirkís behavior and the behavior of his crew during the test, I think he failed. By clowning around during the test and claiming that he won by rescuing the ship when rescuing the ship isnít the point, Kirk showed that he truly had failed to learn the lesson.
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