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Re: Thoughts on "Valiant"?

My main issue with the episode:

Why did Nog still look up to these guys? I can see why he would look up to them in the Academy: they were the best of the best, real hero-types, and popular to boot - everything he wanted to be. But he surpassed them. He was an actual officer. He was good enough to get a real commission, even considering the circumstances. They were just out for a stroll (probably their pre-graduation shakedown cruise), and happened to get into some bad luck. I'm quite sure that, had they survived, they would have all gotten medals, and probably a commission (if that wasn't the plan anyways), but that hadn't happened yet when Nog met them. He still had that hero-worship thing going, pretty much the whole time. That was just weird, especially as Nog doesn't seem to respect those below him that much (like a true Ferengi).
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