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Re: Taylor Swift, Why The Hate?

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If singers stopped writing about their personal lives there wouldn't be a music industry.
Frank Sinatra didn't get dumped by the city that doesn't sleep, Zepplin didn't have an affair with a stairway, and Michael Jackson didn't marry zombies on Halloween (I'm assuming).

It's pretty easy to take the high road, and even if not, you can at least try not to be subtle about it and not use their names in live concerts to trash them.

She needs to mature and grow up and hopefully her music will follow.
Sinatra isn't a song writer. And who knows who the "lady who's sure all that glitters is gold" is or why Plant wrote about her. Yeah, Thriller is about zombies. Didn't MJ write a song about a lady named Billie Jean?

Maybe Carly Simon should stop singing "You're So Vain" and grow up.
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