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Re: I need your thoughts on the dark side of technology

Halogen wrote: View Post
In particular, it seems that technology is harnessed to increase individual wealth at the expense of the masses for those who have the resources and ability to create and control technology. Whether deliberately and systematically introducing automation to reduce costs and displace workers, or building multilevel digital marketing campaigns that mislead consumers, or creating a risky computational model of financial markets that collapses and leaves investors in ruins.
That's economics and politics, not technology. The same technology that can be used to exploit a million people to enrich a greedy SOB can be just as easily used to empower a million people and keep that greedy SOB in check. It simply depends on who wields those technologies and when and under what circumstances they come to use them.

Technological progress makes EVERYTHING easier. It's only as good or as bad as the intentions of the people who cultivate it. If technology has taken a turn for the dark, it's because our SOCIETY has done so.

RAMA wrote: View Post dont really understand technology,
Neither do you. But at the risk of repeating myself I am compelled to point out:

in most cases there are small paradigm shifts, older technologies are displaced by newer ones, then so are workers, in turn the newer technologies tend to create more and better jobs for workers...
Technology doesn't create jobs either. That, too, is economics: the demand for specific goods and services drives the productive activities of suppliers, who hire workers as the need arises. Demand for new technologies drives hiring in technology sectors; innovation in the technology of production more often has the opposite effect, driving layoffs in some sectors that can now remain productive with fewer workers (or the suppression of wages in those sectors as workers see either their hours or their benefits/pay reduced).

Gene Roddenberry's idea of an advanced future may well come to exist (in fact it's more likely than ever), it's just not going to happen as he thought it would, ie: minus genetic/biotech engineering and automated machines and AI.
None of those are going to bring about Roddenberry's idea of an advanecd future. Both have an equal potential to enslave whole countries as to liberate and uplift them. It depends ENTIRELY on who invents those technologies first -- if they're invented at all -- and what they choose to use them for.
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