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Re: The new SimCity...*sigh*

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I still don't understand the appeal of this new SimCity (not saying that it has no appeal, I just don't get it). For me, what was interesting about the old SimCity games (and other similar games) was that you were calling the shots, and slowly building your city according to your wishes and preferences. It was a bit like cooking. Now it seems to me that what EA wants to put six other cooks in my kitchen who get to add spices and ingredients in my pots while I'm cooking, and I don't see how it could be entertaining in any way.
I suppose it's a bit like the appeal of Minecraft multiplayer, it's fun to build with other people sometimes and explore their creations, as well as cooperating on large projects. It's not what I wanted out of the next SimCity game, but I can see why others would enjoy it. If they ever offer an offline mode in the future and I see it on sale, I might pick it up.

For now, I'll probably get Tropico 4 instead as it has cleverly been reduced to 75% off. It may not be a perfect replacement for SimCity, but it does allow me to ban contraception on a whim, or assassinate citizens for holding the wrong political views.
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