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Re: The Life And Scandalous Times Of John Nathan-Turner

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The era of S25/S26/Virgin New Adventures is the best I agree but I'm a bit greedy for more TV McCoy. The novels are an excellent series of sci-fi books in their own right but a part of me believes S27 would have been just as awesome as S26. And S26 had Ghost Light and Fenric which is fucking incredible.
Oh, indeed. With JNT, Cartmel, Aaronovitch, Platt, and the like together, I'm sure 27 would've been excellent, but you never know and I'm glad that the last season of televised Who was one that produced such amazing stories and really showed what the show's potential was. Imagine if the series had ended with The Ultimate Foe!

*I do like Trial, but as a last season, S26 is so, so, so much better than S23.
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