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Re: The original plan for Countdown

Having listened to podcast just now... rather than simply rely on their words interpreted in a report, it plays into a whole discussion about whether the Countdown comics are regarded as canon. It falls into the usual fan way of mixing opinion with fact. The developer regards them as canon, given they lead into the film... and are now set in the past for STO. But I'd suggest since neither Countdown or STO are live-action drama, then they aren't.

The whole problem is, that this discussion springs from talk about the destruction of Romulus and then snowballs from there, to include events in a comic... apparently without question simply because JJ Abrams' creative team are involved. Romulus being destroyed is now established in canon, because it happened onscreen and is attributed to the Prime universe from which both Spock and Nero came. Even if the Earth had also been destroyed and TNG characters killed in a comic, I wouldn't have been obliged to accept it as canon. And definitely not unreversable or capable of being totally disregarded by another tie-in product like books or comic or frankly whatever format needs them to exist in a future setting.
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