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Re: The Gods created Man, Man created the Cylons.

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Well, I was still right in that "It" insinuates a single God. I don't like to think about that finale too much. I get Vietnam style flashbacks.
Do you know what mummery is?

Behind God's curtain there's one frack who is a singular intelligence who master-minded (master-mound?) everything we saw from the Opera House to All Along the Watch Tower and on.

The singular God who engineered the exodus is "someone" from the cast of Caprica who ascended to silicone heaven and was the prime mover of the Generation 3 Cylons moving the humans and droids alike like chess pieces subtly.

I assumed it was Zoe because she was first and most powerful, but that doesn't mean that she survived to these latter days. Especially when it was Clarice or Lacy who really got balls deep into religion and montheism.

The Gods of Kobol, died on Kobol and have nothing to do with nothing about the story we saw or the scheming that had the head messengers farting around plotting a better definition of humanity.


It's not a victory to recognize that what was said overtly in the script plain as day many, many, many times is the unobscuring of some sort of National Treasure level hidden widget talisman key to the secret of the universe.
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