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Yet another "Memory Wall" post

Hi everybody,
I have been reading this forum for a long time, but this is my first post.

Like many other trekkers, I have always been fascinated (kind word for ‘obsessed’) with the lost ‘Memory Wall’ scene from The Motion Picture, since I first saw a picture of Kirk and Spock floating together (before Internet) and I asked myself “Where does THIS come from?”

Now, many years later, my curiosity has been mostly satisfied, also thanks to Trek BBS and to the very well done Forgotten Trek website. However one thing that always bothered me is that I couldn’t find a single place where all the existing pictures of this lost footage where grouped together. Also in some cases the pictures used in some websites were incredibly small (example here). So I did just that. In the following page you can find a complete collection of Memory Wall pictures, all with a decent size (except one) and in many cases in high resolution. ‘Complete’ simply means all those I could find. For each picture I’ve also tried to indicate the source.

Star Trek - The Motion Picture Memory Wall Pictures Collection

There you’ll find no less than 150 images related to the Memory Wall scene.
Help, corrections and suggestions are always welcome.
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