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Breaking News: THE CLONE WARS Has Been Cancelled

The story as it has just been posted.

Unless somebody misunderstood whatever they were told or Disney and Lucasfilm change their minds and resume production on the series it appears that as of tonight The Clone Wars is over after a pretty impressive and successful five-season run.

Thoughts? I for one was hoping we'd get one more season out of the show even if it were abbreviated with a truncated number of episodes just to give some much-anticipated closure to many of the personal storylines on the show and have everything flow a little more smoothly and logically into the events of Episode III, but it appears the bigwigs at Disney and in Lucasfilm had different ideas.

Looks like the scene of Ahsoka - now no longer a Jedi - wandering off into the Coruscant sunset and down the staircase of the Jedi Temple was the closing scene of the weekly television series. It's entirely possible any unaired scripts that are currently in the midst of production by the animators and voice artists can see release on DVD and BluRay (Disney loves that kind of thing, as we all know) so we might see at least a little more squeezed out of the animated universe, but it looks like the series itself is now dead.
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