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Re: The original plan for Countdown

I have a misunderstanding of the creative process then do I? Hmmm... I'll put aside my suspicion that I'm being talked down to here. Because even an uneducated person can probably gather creating something is a process that goes through many stages, where ideas end up removed before a finished article is reached. Even something that makes it as far as a final filmed script, doesn't necessarily mean that's how it plays out onscreen, once the editing process begins. Nero and the Narada, apparently wandering around for over 20 years, when they filmed scenes in which he's imprisoned at Rura Penthe is rather obvious proof of that.
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In a recent podcast a developer for Star Trek Online talks about Abrams wanting to do more than just blow up Romulus. Apparently Paramount stopped him, probably because they needed the prime universe intact for the game.
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I've listened to a bit of it. 47:35 is then the Abrams stuff comes up, and it's about the Countdown comic. The guy says the original script for Countdown killed Worf, Picard and Riker and destroyed Earth, and it was them (Cryptic) saying how badly it would screw up their story for STO that got it changed.
^ Assuming this STO developer speaks truthfully and isn't just creating positive spin, about why we should be grateful their game exists... something I'll concede might be the case -- taken at face value, it seems like Abrams & co would've had absolutely no problem going through with it, had a third party not objected.
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