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Re: Abrams Directing Star Wars

I have a great distaste for Star Wars, but perhaps it is more a film that Abrams is suited for. Honestly, the latest Star Trek movie was HORRIBLE. There was not nearly enough dialogue, nearly no sexy technobabble, and the idea of a reboot that branches off from the universe we know has severe complications. Why do all the ships look better than the Timeship from Voyager which design was most likely from the 29th century? Why are the crew so suddenly shoved into a position where even with how young and inexperienced they are, are given top-tier positions? Seems convenient for sequels, huh?

What they should have done is dismiss the previous canon completely, and done a complete reboot. Now every time I think of the events after Nemesis, I get a head full of popular culture mediocrity. It just doesn't make sense.

I'm just used to a level of quality in Trek, and the latest movie certainly did its job. It brought "Star Trek" to a larger audience. The problem? They aren't seeing the real Trek.
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