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Re: Lost Girl Season 3

^But that's still a lot more than most network SF/F shows have historically gotten. Unless something's a big hit like Star Trek or Lost (or on the CW, which seems to drag its shows out indefinitely as a matter of course), even two seasons is an accomplishment, and getting the chance to do a real wrap-up like Dollhouse did is a luxury. Compared to most genre shows, Farscape and Eureka got lucky.

And Greg's right -- it makes no sense to put Eureka in the "cancelled early" list. After the Stargate and Galactica franchises, Eureka is the longest-running scripted original series in SciFi/Syfy's entire history. It's one of their biggest success stories. (And if you count it and Warehouse 13 as a shared universe, then it's the second longest-running franchise in the network's history. Although that's cheating a bit.)
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