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Re: Abrams wanted to blow up more than Romulus

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The original idea behind franchises was to world-build and part of that means being willing to submit to rules that you yourself may not have created--all for the sake of consistency. This flies in the face of today's individualism where everyone has their own "take" on things and wants to express it. I think that's why the remakes happen and why audiences are increasingly comfortable with them.
What you're saying is not based on anything that actually happened in reality. The reason media franchises are called "franchises" in the first place is because they're about the franchising of intellectual properties, i.e. treating characters and fictional universes like chain stores brands. Media franchises are not and have never been following a utopian vision of artistic collaboration.
Yeah, franchises are about the brand name not the continuity or the "world building". The Star Trek brand name includes books, movies, TV shows, comics, toys and collectibles. They don't all have to fit in the same "world".
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