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Re: The new SimCity...*sigh*

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Now that a few days have passed, have the server troubles settled down?

And has cheetah speed been reactivated yet?

I've watched some players streaming on Twitch, and the game itself - once they actually get in - looks like a lot of fun, despite the smaller map sizes. I'm tempted to pick it up, but don't want to deal with server problems or the lack of cheetah speed so will hold off deciding until they're both fixed. Anyone know what the current state is?
Worked great over the weekend for my and my brother. We've built some cities in a region and started interacting them with each other.

It really is a great game. Different then the older ones, but in a good way gameplay-wise and challenging. So much you have to keep an eye on. I really do enjoy the co-op possibilities, it allowed me to bail out my brother out of some issues with his city while he provided education for the region.
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