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Re: I need your thoughts on the dark side of technology

Technology isn't dark, it's how it's used. dont really understand technology, in most cases there are small paradigm shifts, older technologies are displaced by newer ones, then so are workers, in turn the newer technologies tend to create more and better jobs for workers. This pattern has continued into basically well, right now...though I see things changing a bit. There are hints of unemployment rates now that are because of automation, on the other hand "abundance" derived from application of exponential technologies may eventually free us from the normal drudgery of having to work in the commonly accepted way.

Technology still has the potential to be mis-used, but instead of painting a dark picture, I see one where there is equal chance if not slightly better of overcoming problems.

Gene Roddenberry's idea of an advanced future may well come to exist (in fact it's more likely than ever), it's just not going to happen as he thought it would, ie: minus genetic/biotech engineering and automated machines and AI. Aliens aren't likely to rescue us either, it's up to us to recognize and use the technology properly.
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