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Trekkie fundamentalists

When scanning the comments of a new trailer or new article about the latest Star Trek movie nothing annoys me more than some Trek fans stating how this movie is too star wars, too much action, too dumbed down and not 'MY' Star Trek. Then they proceed to get on their high horse and try to shoot down any newbies who enjoyed Trek 09 and like the look of the new movie insinuating that they are also somehow superior and you are a fool for liking this new Trek.

Why do these fans go to the trouble of posting these comments? Are they that pissed off that they must go on an internet crusade to continually remind everyone how they hate the new movies and why the older Trek is so much more intelligent and superior? They should just go and console themselves with an old DVD and let us enjoy the new movie and revel in the new found success of the franchise! Do they really think their comments will change anything?

Best thing they can do is not click on these articles or trailers because they have already decided they don't like it. No need to keep reminding us all why they don't like it. We get it. Now move along.

Things have to adapt and change. Star Trek has to compete with other action/adventure franchises which have these sorts of effects and set pieces. Star Trek IS action/adventure with strong characters and these trailers and movies convey that concept very well.

If you don't like the Abrams era or what he has done to Star Trek why do you keep feeling the need to tell us after every trailer is put up?
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