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Re: Lost Girl Season 3

^Not to mention that the network gave Eureka an extra episode so they could wrap things up properly.

As for SGU, if people are lamenting its early cancellation, I think they're forgetting how much the fans complained about the show when it was on. The network can't keep a show around if the viewers don't respond to it. Similarly with Caprica -- the fan and critical reactions to it were mixed at best. Now, personally I quite liked SGU, and while I had mixed feelings about Caprica, I liked it better than BSG. But lots of other people apparently felt differently. Ditto with The Dresden Files -- I liked it okay, but fans of the books weren't crazy about it.

Now, I really liked Alphas and thought it was getting good reviews overall, but apparently its ratings weren't holding up. Still, it did get two seasons, which is more than most of the broadcast-network genre shows from the past couple of years have gotten.
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