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Re: Descent was TNG's best 2-parter

All the interesting threads set up in the first part are either forgotten or resolved in the most uninteresting of ways. Let's see:

The morality of Picard's decision to spare Hugh versus the utility of it. This is brought up by the Admiral in the first part, and Picard seems to be willing to concede that he might have been wrong. Simply forgotten in the second part. Having Hugh aiding the heroes does not adress this!

The concept that there are not bad emotions, only bad actions, and that good things can come from such "bad" emotions. Simply forgotten, Data is just fed bad emotions, acts like a jerk, and doesn't come around on his own. We could have had growth for Data, but no...

Lore waging war against the Federation. Again, dropped. Lore just spends the second part walking around and giving Data his next fix. Didn't he say he was going to destroy the Federation?

And then we have the absurdity of the entire command staff beaming down and leaving the medical officer in charge... Really? I know they were probably "preparing" the fans for Voyager (because female captains are something trek fans are unfamiliar with...if only one of the Enterprises had been commanded by one...), but it makes zero sense.

Loads of treknobabble, specially during the prison break, with Picard talking about kedion pulses and other similar nonsense. In fact, in these episodes the amount of treknobable spewed by Picard is just ridiculous. If I remember correctly, he algo gives technicall insight on how to navigate the corridors. What? Picard was never a scientist...

Such a waste...
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