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Re: Am I part Irish or not?

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I agree with flandry, the Irish are mongrels. Saxon certainly isn't a common surname here, and almost certainly came here from England, but English settlers were common in Ireland for centuries and there was an eventual mingling of cultures that led to what is considered Irish today. By the mid-19th century, the traditional Irish tribes and clans weren't really an element or Irish society any more.

Just don't act like a plastic Paddy and we'll be cool.
The name itself isn't "Saxon" but might be a Saxon name...perfectly clear, right?

Well, since it isn't MY name...Allsworth--which doesn't sound Irish to me. Going back, someone spelled it Allworth. Might also have been spelled Alworth, Halworth, Ellsworth, Aylworth, etc....

It's more for curiosity, and I have time on my hands to do it. I'm told I need a hobby, so for now, this is helping. Beats cleaning my basement.

Yeah...I'm American. Very happily so. Third generation on Mom's side. Born in Hollywood, CA. That's right! A star was born that day! (The hospital is within the boundaries of Hollywood, an area of Los Angeles and not its own city.)

My 78yo Mom, never having had contact with her father or his family, was intrigued by this contact to finally learn something about him. All she wants is one nice photo and one question answered, "Was he a good man during his lifetime, someone she would've been proud of?" It matters to her, despite his never supporting her. My grandmother was...difficult is a very polite word (emotionally abusive is closer), so Mom's always been insecure.
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