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Re: Questions on Insurrection, on the Baku

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What you can also clearly see is how films don't change one's opinion. Quite to the contrary, your perception of the entire film is shaped by your predefined opinion.
Oh, I wouldn't say so. I first saw the movie when I was eleven years old, and I remember accepting the basic plot at surface level, obviously not picking up on the subtle clues scatter through the movie. It was only with repeated viewing through the years that the personal opinion of the movie that I hold today was formed.

While the execution of the movie is flawed in places, the story line itself is delightfully complex. It would have been easy to change only a few pieces of dialog to make things simplistic and obvious. Unlike a lot of modern movies, Insurrection presented the audience with information and allowed them to form an opinion as to which of the players actions were ethically correct at the end.

Robert Maxwell wrote: View Post
"Excuse me, but would you be willing to negotiate for the Federation and Son'a to have access to this little Fountain of Youth you've got here?"

"Uh, you mean the same people who spied on us, disrupted our village, and were going to secretly steal our planet out from under us? These are the people you want us to negotiate in good faith with?"

"No, I want you to negotiate in good faith with the same people who want to distribute the miraculous properties of the particles to many billions of people across hundreds of planets, so that people outside of your charming little whites only gated community can benefit too."

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