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Re: Do the Borg do research ?

The omega particle borg experiment was based on information assimilated from several
As was everything Newton or Hawking ever did. Science is all about stealing, with references.

and the borg still failed to stabilize the particle, despite the huge resources thrown at the problem. 7 of 9, on the other hand, as an individual, solved the problem in days, by using the meager resources on Voyager.
This simply explains why they want to assimilate the Federation: if nothing else, they have the particular bits of knowledge needed to stabilize Omega.

They can't do transwarp, though, while the Borg can. Why, even deranged Borg subgroups frightened out of their wits can devise all-new methods of transwarping ("Descent").

by forcing them to think only what you want them to think
Since when have the Borg been doing that? Neither Jean-Luc Picard nor Annika Hansen nor the guy who was Third of Five ever commented on anything of the sort. They just complained about the noise in the multi-trillion-occupant dormitory.

by forbidding anything approaching creativity

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