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Re: Abrams Directing Star Wars

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The audience has ZERO ownership of a creative product. They have the choice to like or dislike what is presented to them. They have the right to say why they like or dislike it. They have ZERO rights in terms of having their expectations met. That is entirely up to the creator.

Star Wars, Star Trek and other creations of the entertainment industry are not the public domain possessions of everybody in the audience. If you can't stand what the creator of a film, television series, work or literature or piece of music made then that's your right to say it sucks and has no redeeming qualities, but it wasn't the creator's duty to cater to your tastes.

Like George Lucas and some of his directing efforts or not, but a long time ago he said in bold, no-nonsense language that he was making Star Wars movies the way he wanted to make them and to meet his own desires and sensibilities. If the audience loved them, that was wonderful. If they hated them, he'd be disappointed. But at the end of the day they were HIS films and he answered to nobody but his own expectations and wishes.

George doesn't really "owe" the audience anything. Neither does J.J. They'll make the films they think will be fun and exciting and when they're finished they'll present them to the public for consumption. Naturally, they'd prefer it if you liked their movies but if you don't....that's not their problem. You didn't write it. You didn't foot the production costs. You weren't on the set almost every single day sitting behind the cameras. You're the audience....period.
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