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Re: Thoughts on "Valiant"?

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A lot think that "Captain Watter's" Was just not eager to return to being a Cadet.
True, can you imagine the conversation in the admiral's office on starbase (whatever) upon the Valiant's return from Dominion-held space...

Admiral: Considering your circumstances, you did quite well, Watters.

Watters: Thank you sir. After our repairs I'll be able to take the Valiant out for our next mission. Can you spare me some more crew members? We're really shorthanded right now.

Admiral: What? What are you talking about cadet?

Watters: Sir, I'm Captain Watters. Captain Ramirez gave me a battlefield commission.

Admiral: Captain my ass... get those pips off this minute, cadet. And don't you go near the Valiant unless it's to collect your belongings. Expect to be on the next shuttle back to Earth and the Academy!
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