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Budgets -

Wow this article shows the budget of Netflix' shows!
There is enough $ for a license to CBS and pay for Trek. Would CBS go for something like this or want it also on a cable channel as a promotional item?

poke about the “huge” budgets behind some of the Netflix drama series. He said the cheapest show is $3.8 million an episode and House of Cards started at $4.5 million with executive producer David Fincher taking it ”way above that”. According to Micelli, the next series Hemlock Grove is costing $4 million an episode, while Orange Is The New Black is just under $4 million as well. (CAA sold some of the shows to Netflix but Micelli later clarified for Variety that these numbers were only his estimates.) Micelli said Netflix, whose deals are structured to cover multiple regions around the world, will control each series for 4 years exclusively and then re-sell them to a linear cable channel. Micelli expects Microsoft’s XBox whose studio is led by CBS vet Nancy Tellem to compete with Netflix for high-end programming.

Would CBS make an exclusive deal for Star Trek for say 1 season for 6-9months and then release the Blu-ray or the season and go air it on a linear cable channel in 2 years?
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