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Re: Do the Borg do research ?

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Umm, what possible reason do we have for thinking that the Borg would be stupid, either at the level of individual Drones, or at Collective level?[...]
The borg did not invent any of their technology; they assimilated all of it - as per 7 of 9.
As opposed to Newton, Hawking and Einstein, who actually discovered valuable information via their own creativity, without stealing it from anyone.

This makes the borg phenomenally stupid/ungifted when it comes to creativity and research.
The omega particle borg experiment was based on information assimilated from several species; and the borg still failed to stabilize the particle, despite the huge resources thrown at the problem. 7 of 9, on the other hand, as an individual, solved the problem in days, by using the meager resources on Voyager.

You can assimilate all the Einsteins you want; if you lobotomize them, by forcing them to think only what you want them to think, by forbidding anything approaching creativity (after all, innovative ideas can give drones...ideas: why should I go slowly towards that phaser fire, anyway? that's just stupid), you have gained nothing in creativity.
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