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Re: A parade of spaceships...

Changed a bit in the forward compartment, but here in these cross-sections you can get a fair look at the internal arrangement I've worked out. Now all the major elements are in place and I'm going to start adding a few fixtures in the forward compartment. Then that should do it. If I can figure out how to add some lighting to SketchUp then I could get some better interior views with more realistic lighting.

I wonder if I'm putting a lot more thought into the interior of this thing than the serial producers. Looking at the onscreen interiors of the ship a lot of it seems rather slapped together with whatever they could find, which wouldn't be surprising since serials weren't meant to be the high art of film making. Certainly a lot more thought evidently went into the Friede's internal arrangement, not surprising since Hermann Oberth was the film's science and technical consultant.

For the Flash Gordon ship I imagine a lot of the major mechanicals being under the deck. The various compartments could hold various supplies and two of the compartments (those with a window each) could be bunk style sleeping berths for at most two persons each. One of the smaller compartments could actually be a bathroom. The rear most compartment could be a sort of multipurpose workshop.

Given the shape of the corridor walls I see any doors as manual sliding panels, much simpler than trying to accommodate conventional opening doors. Panels in the deck (and overhead) allow for access to ship's mechanicals.

Nonetheless I imagine this craft to retain snug accommodations.

Another issue is the main access hatch. Most of the time onscreen it's shown as a conventional car door like affair. In the original film a ladder was also required to get into and out of the vehicle. But later in the serials another door was added to the opposite side of the ship and apparently it was a swing-down affair with steps built into the door. I think this idea makes a lot more sense only I wouldn't include it as another door given the ship's already cramped accommodations as it is. Rather I'd opt to keep one door in the original position on the port side yet make it the swing-down version.
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