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Re: Questions on Insurrection, on the Baku

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they knew the true motives and identity of the Son'a, who did not come back to reconcile, but to uproot/murder their parents.)
Actually the Ba'ku didn't know who the Son'a were until after Picard told them they were both from the same race

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Robert Maxwell wrote: View Post
You only think it's built on a house of cards because you don't see how the Ba'ku could say "no" and still appear sympathetic. But that's easy.

"Excuse me, but would you be willing to negotiate for the Federation and Son'a to have access to this little Fountain of Youth you've got here?"

"Uh, you mean the same people who spied on us, disrupted our village, and were going to secretly steal our planet out from under us? These are the people you want us to negotiate in good faith with?"
"No, not the same people. Different people. We don't have a hive mind."

"Ah? Oh. Ok then. Well, get out of our planet anyway! It's mine, my own, my precioussss!"
Um, under the situation being discussed they are the same people, you know the whole 4 way between the Ba'ku, Picard, Dougherty, and the Son'a thing.
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