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Re: Question: how many TMP era stories?

I understand your reasons for not wanting to list your canon. But let me just say how great it is that you take the time to respond to a very inquisitive fan like myself. Thanks.

About the Home is the Hunter reference, in your annotations for DTI #2 you wrote,

"43 Bonnie Prince Charlie is a hero from Scottish history, and Scott actually joins his rebellion in the time-travel novel Home is the Hunter by Dana Kramer-Rolls (set in the post-TMP era, so it would come after this novel). Isambard Kingdom Brunel was a great engineer of the Victorian era, and I'm aware of him mainly through the delightful alternate-history webcomic 2D Goggles."

I wasn't sure if that was just a nod to a fact in that novel or if it was an inclusion in your personal canon because of the way you mentioned its time placement relative to your book. Sorry I interpreted it wrong.

Thanks again,
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