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Re: The original plan for Countdown

Nothing wrong with dissecting the idea. The problem is the assumption ChristopherPike is making about the underlying motives -- that it's somehow evidence that Abrams & co. have a bad or contemptuous attitude toward the franchise or its fans. That's just not fair or valid, and it's based on a misunderstanding of how the creative process works. I'm simply trying to explain more about that process, to point out that it's hardly unusual for a creator to have an idea that turns out to be a bad one and ends up being discarded. If they'd actually done this in the final film, then maybe ChristopherPike would have reason to feel it was an affront to the fanbase. But since they decided not to do it after all, there's nothing to be offended by. People should be judged for what they ultimately choose to do, not for what they considered but rejected along the way. Few of us instantly understand the best decision right off the bat; we have to consider various options and decide which one works best.
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