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I've played WAY TOO MUCH of this game the past two days.

The gameplay mechanics and controls are some of the best I've seen. Unlike most other games that require a lot of jumping and precision, I've never felt like I died as a result of poor controls or an uncooperative camera. (I'm looking at you, El Shaddai, a recent $3 XBLA purchase in which I feel like every other time I die is due to the god-awful camera.) The controls are very tight and allow for a good amount of exploration without fear of dying. Don't get me wrong, my Lara has fallen off a few ledges but it was my fault for not seeing the jumps I was supposed to make. My most unexpected death so far has to be standing directly underneath an oil lantern, shooting it with my bow because it's a collectible, and watching Lara burn to death thanks to my own stupidity.

And on that note, apparently I'm a stone cold psychopath given the amount of pleasure I take in shooting arrows at the heads of those trying to kill me. Early reviews indicated a great degree of dissonance between innocent, inexperienced Lara and how quickly she becomes accustomed to killing people--I actually did feel that in Uncharted with Nathan Drake killing hundreds of people, but the bow and arrow and game mechanics in general are so damn fun that I'm not getting that same feeling at all here.

The environments are great too. The game hides its "point A to point B" paths quite well with enough stuff littered around the maps to keep you busy searching and the ability to travel back to previous parts of the map to unlock things you couldn't get to the first time around.

My only issue with the game is that there is far too much ammo lying around. I'm fairly certain I've been at "full" for at least 75% of the time I've played and I'm pretty liberal with spraying tons of arrows and bullets everywhere. I'm hoping they add a game mode that emphasizes the survival element and drops the available ammo considerably.

I'm guessing I'm about halfway through the game and I'm already dreading when I inevitably finish it in the next week or so (or possibly days at the rate I'm playing it). This is truly how a video game reboot should be done.
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