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Re: Earth ship Valiant

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...As opposed to a TOS source with erroneous retconning?
I'm not seeing it in your examples.

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Whatever little continuity TOS ever had, all of it was of the "ret" type - writers thinking they remember an interesting tidbit from an earlier episode, but completely misremembering it (General Order 7 involves death penalty - or was it General Order 4?)
"Turnabout Intruder" doesn't appear to have a retcon to the information presented in "The Menagerie". The only thing we can tell is that between "The Menagerie" and "Turnabout Intruder" that Starfleet added an exception to General Order 4 to include a death penalty.

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or choosing to twist it till it's unrecognizable (one of Spock's ancestors once married a human - Spock's dad lives with Spock's human mother).
Spock's dad is one of his ancestors. Now if it was revealed in "Journey to Babel" that it was Spock's cousin who married a human you would have a point.

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Most often, there just wasn't any effort (TOS takes place 200 years in the future, except when it's 900 years, save for when it's 300 years or more than 1000 years).
The 900 years is from "Squire of Gothos" right? That's the one where the architecture could be correct as originating from the gothic era while the furniture and statues like the Salt Vampire are from a scattering of time periods not limited to just 900 years from Earth...

The 300 and 1000 years references I'm not sure about. Which episodes are those?

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That in mind, the Voyager references (this "11:59" one included) were almost too reverential to the crappy "original" material...
The "11:59" episode doesn't really contradict anything from TOS. The ship in 2210 made an interstellar journey that lasted 6 months and the pilot opted to stay awake for the journey there and back (totaling 1 year.) It isn't like the technology wasn't there since it existed as early as the 1990s in TOS
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