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Re: Question: how many TMP era stories?

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My version of the post-TMP continuity includes Ex Machina, Mere Anarchy: The Darkness Drops Again, and parts 2-3 of DTI: Forgotten History. It is compatible with or makes reference to The Covenant of the Crown and The Better Man by Howard Weinstein, The Kobayashi Maru by Julia Ecklar, and The Captain's Daughter by Peter David (which is mostly post-TUC but includes portions set in the pre- and post-TMP eras). So you can treat those as a more-or-less consistent post-TMP continuity if you like.
I've scanned your annotations for you TOS novels and shorts and noticed that you make some continuity set-ups/fixes for stories like the Vulcan's series while making strong references to stories like Assignment Eternity, Unspoken Truth, Night Whispers, The TOS Section 31 novel, Home is the Hunter, First Frontier, The Rings of Time and various LA Graf novels. I was just wondering what you include in your Personal canon for the entire TOS era? In no way is this a question about your opinion of quality towards other writer's works. I'm just curious what you view as your TOS universe and what stories (in whole/ not peace parted) inform your past and future writings?

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